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Prof. Willatzen Was Invited to Give A Lecture in UCAS

As invited by Prof. Zhong Lin Wang, on 31st Oct. 2018, Prof. Morten Willatzen went to UCAS and gave a lecture to the students for the course "Introduction to Nanogenerators and Self-Powered Systems".

Prof. Morten Willatzen's lecture focused on the following three topics:

1. Introductory vibrations of one-dimensional oscillators;

2. Strain and stress and thermodynamical properties;

3. Introduction to peizoelectricity.

"Introduction to Nanogenerators and Self-powered Systems" is a new course started by Prof. Zhong Lin Wang in this semester in UCAS. Prof. Morten Willatzen was invited to give 2~3 lectures.


Prof. Willzatzen is giving a lecture

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